Imagine a to-do list that gets to know you, learns about your workflow and habits, and provides intelligent estimates about how long each task will take you to complete. That's Unprocrastinator — keeping you on task as you get it done.

About Us

Our goal at Unprocrastinator was to create a to-do list app optimized for students. With full courseloads of assignments to keep track of, students are often inaccurate in guessing how long any given assignment will take. Unprocrastinator aims to ease your mind and increase your productivity by doing this guesswork for you.


In addition to the functionality you expect from your everyday to-do list app — sorting tasks into categories, adding subtasks and tags — Unprocrastinator keeps a progress bar for each of your tasks. It estimates how long each task will take you, gradually getting more accurate as it gets to know you.

The Team

We're a team of six undergraduate and graduate students of computer science at Brown University in Providence, RI. Our Web Applications class gave us the inspiration and tools to reimagine the way we interact with our to-do lists, and we want to share that with you.